Proven Pair of Wild Cross Angelfish – #1

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I don’t think we have ever listed a pair of our Wild Crosses for sale.  But we really do not need more pairs.  We use these to cross back into all of our strains for strength.  Almost all of our wild crosses contain a pb gene.  And I’m just about positive these have a pb gene which will produce 25% Philippine Blues.  Our Wild crosses could be from Manacapurus, Rio Nanay, and even Rio Negros.  I believe these both are from our Manacapurus.  If you like the Wild look and the Original Silver Angelfish that we all know, This would be the pair for you.  Also most of our wild crosses will parent raise if given the opportunity.  This is a young pair for our wild crosses as they usually do not start to breed until a little over a year old,  These are just about 1 year old.


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