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We charge a FLAT shipping fee on all of our Live Fish. We only ship UPS NEXT DAY AIR. $44.99 anywhere in the Contiguous USA (TENN & KY $32.99). No matter how many fish you buy your shipping remains the same. (we do have a minimum $50 order for live fish). All of our Premium foods, Medicated foods, and medicines ship for FREE! Breeding Supplies are a flat $9.99 ground shipping. And our new line of Breeding supplies is a flat $9.99 by ground.

July 23rd, 2023 WWW.ANGELFISHUSA EMAIL: sales@angelfishusa.com

After breeding Angelfish and Discus in South Florida for over 45 years, we recently moved to Eastern Tennessee a few months ago. Our new facility is now completed. AngelfishUSA is a breeder of quality, disease free freshwater Angelfish. We also created this new online store to make your shopping experience as easy and fun as possible. We will continue to add helpful information to help you learn and take care of your beautiful collections.

AngelfishUSA specializes in the newest strains, such as Philippine Blues, Pinoys, and Bulgarian Greens as well as high coverage Kois. We are working on development of new strains never seen before. One of our newest strains is the Midnight RED BSP, which took over 4 years to develop and should be available early next year. AngelfishUSA was the first in the USA to breed and distribute the Philippine Blue Angelfish created by my good friend, Kenneth S. Kennedy. We were also the first to import and distribute the Bulgarian Green Angelfish as well as one of the first to import the Albino and regular Dantum Angelfish bred by Shahar Danziger in Israel.

CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK updated Aug 8th 2023

  • Bulgarian Seal Point: Small, Medium, Young Adult, Xtra Lg, and small WIFI (Wide Fin)
  • Bulgarian Lilac Point: Small, Medium, Young Adult, Xtra Lg
  • Variet Packs: Xtra Small, Small, Medium, Young Adult
  • Albino Red Cap Angelfish: Small, Medium
  • Black Hybrid / Velvets: Small, Medium
  • Philippine Blue Ghosts: Xtra Small, Small, Medium Young Adults, Xtra Large
  • Philippine Blue Pinoys: Small, Medium
  • Philippine Blue Smokey: Xtra Small, Small
  • Gold Marble*: Xtra Small, Small, Medium
  • Philippine Blue Paraiba: Young Adult
  • Proven Pairs: many available please check that category……
  • All our Premium Foods, Medicated Foods, and Medications (and they ship for free)
  • Bristlenose Plecos… Red, Lemon, Chocolate, (all Long fin)
  • 1/2 Black Yellow Guppies
  • Sponge Filters (small, med.lg) SOLD OUT NEW SHIPMENT ARRIVING IN 35 DAYS
  • Mini Fry Siphon kit


  • Philippine Blue Marbles: small
  • Bulgarian Marble Point: small
  • Philippine Blue Choclates: medium
  • Midnight Red BSP: small
  • Philippine Blue Kois: small
  • Philippine Blue Paraibas: XS, small
  • 1/2 Black Yellow guppies: Young adult Trios

WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: We are now accepting new wholesale accounts. Please email us: sales@angelfishusa.com so we can set up your account.


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