PINOY X PLATINUM (with bg gene) Pair#D3

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Pinoy x Platinum Pair#D3.  Both carry a bg gene as well as possibly pearlscale genes.

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This is a very special pair that comes from our project that created Pearl Scale Bulgarian Seal Points.  the male is a double dark Pinoy with a single dose of bg (and possibly Pearlscale), Female is a Blue Platinum with a single dose of bg and pearlscale genes.  They produce very nice Pinoys, Blue Platinums, Lilac Points and Seal Points.  We expect some of the fry to be pearlscale as well but they are not of age to express yet.  Since we have our Seal Point Pearlscale in our breeding program now we can let this pair go.

We decided to take this pair down for 2 weeks as we left their last spawn with them and the fry did some damage to the males anal fin.  But they’ve spawned since then and great hatch so back up for sale at a discount now.


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