Pea Size Angelfish fry (bag of 25)

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25 assorted oversized Pea size angelfish.

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We call them Peas but they are reall pre-dime size.  You will get an assortment of 25 Angelfish which could contain Blacks, Zebras, Black Lace, Zebra Lace, Platinums, Paraibas, Blue Ghosts and blue Silvers.  It’s for whatever swims into the net.  Unlike Pea size these are already eating crushed flakes and our small grand champion granules (which we still crush with our fingers).  No need for Baby Brine Shrimp.

1 review for Pea Size Angelfish fry (bag of 25)

  1. David Labell (store manager)

    I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional service and the stunning fish I recently purchased. They arrived in perfect condition and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


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