1/2 Black Yellow Guppies (8 young 1-2 month old fish)


1/2 Black Yellow Guppies from Championship Lines.

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When we first moved to Tennessee and completed our new facility we wanted to be sure everything worked out for the fish.  So we bought some very nice 1/2 black yellow guppies from  a trusted breeder.  And they were not cheap!.  Well after 3 months time we have 100’s of them (started with 10 fish).  Now it’s time to  make them pay for their rent.  They used a couple of very much needed tanks in our fish house.  So we decided to add them to our store.  You can see the adults which I believe are about 4 months maybe 5 months old now.  And lots and lots of babies in 1 of the tanks.  We will hand pick 8 mix of boys and girls for you (we do miscount at times and you might get 1-2 extra in the bag.   These all breed true and are from championship lines.


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